Grand Rapids, MI, September 25, 2019 – HuntWise, a digital platform for the hunting industry, has gained national recognition from passionate outdoor enthusiasts and prominent investors alike since its debut in the tech startup scene. The app, used by over 1.5 million hunters, offers peak hunting time predictions for popular North American game, as well as advanced GPS mapping tools. On September 23rd, HuntWise, together with Worldwide Trophy, is giving away $500,000 worth of hunting trips and gear. This monumental giveaway will be one of the biggest in the hunting industry this year. 

Giveaway Details:

  • Giveaway Dates: September 23, 2019 – December 31, 2019

  • 33 top hunting brands represented

  • Over $500,000 worth of prizes

  • 60 individuals will be chosen to win one of several prizes including:

    • 20 North American Hunts

    • 40 Gear Bundles

Hunting Bundles:

Featuring 20 North American hunts of a lifetime. All hunts will be guided by some of the most vetted professionals in the industry and include hunts of Moose, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Dall Sheep, Colorado Elk, Midwest Whitetail Mountain Lion, Turkey, and Waterfowl. 

Gear Bundles:

Featuring 40 different gear bundles from top brands including: Accubow, Axil, Benelli, Black Rifle Coffee, Boss Buck, CamX, CBE, Dead Down Wind, Elite Archery, Gunwerks, Hard Core, Hawk, Kifaru, Leatherman, Ledlenser, Meindl, Morrell Targets, MTN OPS, Muddy, Peak Refuel, Pelican, Raptor Razor, ScentBlocker, ScentLok, Scotts, Stone Glacier, Skoped Industries, Slick Trick, Stealth Cam, Tink’s, Traeger, Vortex and Worldwide Trophy Adventures.

“We wanted to do something big and give our users a chance to win a hunt of a lifetime. So we partnered with Worldwide Trophy Adventures to offer premium hunting experiences and a chance to make memories that they’ll be talking about around the dinner table for years to come.” says Jeff Courter, CEO of HuntWise.

Details and entry information for the giveaway can be found at:

About HuntWise

HuntWise is the ultimate digital tool set designed to help hunters pursue their passion and improve their success in the outdoors by utilizing advanced species-tracking technology to identify peak movement times and mapping features that enable hunters to strategize their next hunt. HuntWise also connects its users to a social community of dedicated sportsmen where they can seek and share experiences and advice with hundreds of passionate hunters across the country.

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