9 Tips and Places for Shed Hunting

It is hard to admit that the end of the 2018 bow and rifle season is coming sooner than we would like to think, however, the off season can almost be just as fun. Not only do we scout and practice archery in the off season, but now we can take “inventory” on what bucks have made it through the season by “shed hunting” simply means that a hunter is searching for deer antlers that have naturally fallen off of the deer.  We have developed 9 different tips and places to help you master your shed hunting, and enhance your endless search for whitetails.

Barometric Pressure and How it Affects Deer Movement

It’s natural for us hunters to start paying more attention to the weather as deer season begins. After all, we have been waiting all year long for this moment. Although it can be easy to judge the sunshine and the rain, barometric pressure can often be much more challenging. Chances are, you do not have the tools or the technology to measure barometric pressure in your hunting bag. However, you can have a few tips in mind to go along with your superior hunting skills.