ATA is a great way to test new bows that have hit the market. This year I made a point to shoot a bow from every company there. The Hoyt, Mathews, PSE, and Bear bows are all great, but I really wanted to focus on the other players in the archery scene. I shot all these bows to satisfy my personal curiosity- It wasn’t until after the show that I decided to write this article on my findings. *Disclaimer, I was not able to make it to the New Breed booth this year. If their 2016 bows are anything like their 2015 Blade it is one sweet shooter! 

Moxie Fearce: A smooth shooter with a real dead in the hand feel. This bow won’t  blow you away with its speed but rather leave you wondering whether or not you shot it or not. It is that smooth and balanced. The Fearce IBOs at a 330 fps and measures 35.5 inches axle to axle. 

>> See the Moxie Fearce

Tribe Kinetic: This bow is light and compact, weighing in at 3.9 lbs. with a 32 inch axle to axle. It rocked a solid backwall and had an interesting design for the string stop. The riser actually offers two different spots to mount your string stop, which of course had me thinking about adding another string stop to the already quiet bow. 

>> See the Tribe Kinetic

Xpedition Xception: A single cam compact bow with a smooth draw and a vibration free shot. This all comes down to personal preference, but the grip on the Xception made it one of my personal favorites. It IBOs at 328 and looks great while doing it!

>> See the Xpedition Xception

Darton DS-3800 : When many think of Darton they think of Grandpa’s old bow hanging in the cabin.After shooting the DS-3800there is a good chance those thoughts will never come back.Boasting an IBO of 345 this bow is a pleasure to shoot and is very quiet with minimal vibration.

>> See the Darton DS-3800

APA King Cobra TF: This bow offers some blistering speeds and has an IBO of 370!While incredibly impressive, this bow brings more to the table than just a quick arrow. The King Cobra TF is the only bow on the market that I would also classify as a multi-tool. Built into its riser design is a knife/broadhead sharpener, broadhead wrench, nock tool, hook for hanging the bow in tree limbs, carrying handle, and cam lock pin which allows you to make minor repairs while in the field. The one I shot even had a GoPro mount built into the riser as well! 

>> See the APA King Cobra TF

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