Few things affect the way we plan a deer hunt like the wind. From which direction the wind is coming from to the speed of the wind, we are always concerned about the wind.  When I was a kid, my dad hung a feather from a limb in our front yard to determine wind direction.  He chose which stand he was going to hunt based on the information he gathered by watching the feather dance in the wind.  Things sure have changed.



The problem with the feather method was just because the wind direction in our yard was blowing one direction did not confirm the wind would be blowing the same direction twenty miles away where a treestand was hung.  This is where having the HuntWise app comes in handy.  You can check the wind direction at each of your favorite stands before leaving home and know exactly which stand is going to provide you with the best opportunity to outsmart the nose of big game. 



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Hourly Wind Graphs

 HuntWise Weather Graphs display hourly wind direction and speed. 

Most hardcore bowhunters I have interviewed for articles believe it is best if a hunter has a stand for every type of weather imaginable. For instance, on a calm evening in early bow season, hunting a food source of some type is a great option. If you own several treestands, having a couple stand options on the same food source is great. You can check the wind direction on the HuntWise app and choose your location accordingly. 



If the wind is really strong and deer are going to be fairly spooky, having a stand in the timber near a bedding area is a better option. Often with windy conditions, deer don’t move as much; they hang close to their bedroom. Having a stand near the bedroom is one way to have a chance at Mr. Big if he moves later in the morning or evening because of strong winds.



Many hunters love hunting transition zones between feeding and bedding areas. When hanging stands in these areas, it is best to know the prevailing wind direction and hang your stand accordingly, knowing that odds are good that the deer will be coming from the same direction most of the time when they approach the stand. Every hunter should have a stand or two in a transition zone or funnel. These type of areas are extremely active during the pre-rut, rut and the late season when deer are heading to late season food sources.  I like these type of stand locations best because the wind is often consistent in the timber and doesn’t swirl as much as it does in the open.   



We all have those places where we see deer travel that we would love to hang a stand but either the wind is always swirling or there aren’t any good trees in the area for hanging a stand. In these locations, I like to have a hay bale blind or a tower blind.  A tower blind does a great job of containing odor so even if the wind is always wrong in an open swale or a creek bottom where the deer are traveling, a tower blind can be the answer. 



When hunting in these areas where the wind swirls, I often use an Ozonics machine and a ScentLok suit. Between being in a closed up blind and using the machine and the suit, I can get away with a bad wind. Notice I said get away with. I don’t believe we ever can completely fool the nose of a deer, but by doing everything we can to minimize our odor, we can make a deer believe we are a lot further away than we are. 



Try to have a late season hunting spot or two. If you have hunted long, you probably already know that the prevailing winds often change when the weather gets cold. Having a stand that is near a bedding area or food source is necessary if you find yourself trying to fill a tag when the weather is cold.



When putting together a game plan and determining where you want to hang stands, realize it is best to approach a stand without the deer smelling you. Some hunters go to great lengths and walk out of their way to approach a stand quietly and from a direction that won’t send their odor right into a nearby bed. I have taken one way into a stand and a different way out to ensure the deer don’t wind me. 



The only way to fill a deer tag is to be in the woods hunting.  If you only have one or two treestands or blinds in the woods, odds are you will be busted by the nose of a whitetail sooner or later. If you want to fill a tag, you really need to have many options so if the wind is light, swirling or coming strong out of one direction, you still have a go to stand. 



One of the nicest things about the HuntWise app is you can figure out what the wind is doing at all of your stands quickly and easily so you can determine which stand is the best bet for a particular day. 



At the end of the day, it is all about putting the odds in your favor. If you know the wind direction, have a stand for that wind direction and do everything you can to stay scent free, your odds of success go up. 

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