Turkey season is almost over which means deer season is almost here.  You can do two things. You can go shoot in the backyard until fall or you can do your best to fill your summer with activities that help you fine tune your archery skills. Below are five things that can help you become a better archer.



1. Try bowfishing.  Bowfishing is fairly inexpensive and fun.  Carp make great garden fertilizer. Any time you can shoot at a live animal or in this case, a fish, it is going to make you better at shooting under pressure. Fish often appear quickly and the shot opportunity is very short. Bowfishing forces you to focus quickly and execute a good shot. Try it this summer. Purchase a cheap bow, outfit it with Finger Savers so you can draw quickly, and you are ready to go.



2. Very few things can simulate buck fever but one that can come close is competing in a 3D tournament. When money and prizes are on the line, people sometimes get nervous. Competing can cause your heart to race and your hands to get sweaty. A 3D tournament simulates a real hunting situation because the targets are in the woods at a variety of different distances. Shooting in a tournament can help you prepare for fall.



3. Thirty or forty years ago, many bowhunters would fine tune their skills by stump shooting. They would screw judo points into a few arrows, estimate yardages and shoot at stumps. If they missed, the arrow would bounce off the ground and they would do it again. Shooting at stumps in the woods is fun but very few people do it. Try it this summer. It is an inexpensive way to fine tune your yardage judging skills.



4. Most people won’t shoot at a deer past 30 yards but that doesn’t mean you should only shoot to 30 yards in your back yard. Shoot out to 80 yards. If you can fine tune your skills and hit a pie plate at 80 yards, you will be an even better shot at 30 yards when a buck is standing in front of you. Don’t want to sight in your bow out to 80 yards?  Try the Uno Archery App.  The app can help you quickly set your pin gaps. Shooting at extreme distances is fun and challenging.



5. If you don’t want to spend the money on shooting in a tournament, invite a few friends over and shoot in your backyard. Bet $5 on who can shoot the tightest group. Friendly competition can be fun and help you shoot better.

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