Top 10 Best Hunting Apps

Have you been looking for the best free hunting apps? Maybe you are willing to pay for a quality app that provides true value, but don't have the time or patience to sift through the countless number of bad apps to get to the good ones. ...
Jeff Courter

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

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Ten Best Deer Hunting Tips for West Texas

Seeing I live in West Texas where it is dry and desert terrain, it takes a lot more preparation for harvesting deer. Food sources are scarce as well as water. So pre-season scouting and preparation is vital. Over the past ten years of livin...
Travis Bailey

Posted on Nov 14, 2016


Barometric Pressure and How it Affects Deer Movement

Barometric pressure is basically the weight of the overlying air as it presses down on the earth. You can also refer to it as air pressure. When a low barometric pressure occurs this means that the overlying air is rising and thus, the pres...
Steve Flores

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Barometric Pressure

The Value of Knowing Land Ownership Lines

​In the last fifteen years, I have hunted in about thirty states. Sometimes I am hunting on public land; sometimes I am on private land. Whether I am hunting in my state, on my own property or hunting in a state far from home, one challeng...
Tracy Breen

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Land Boundaries

Weather Factors that Affect Deer Movement

A lot of things will alter a deer’s behavior and movement patterns. Perhaps the most damaging to the hunter is pressure; more specifically, “hunting” pressure. But what about those outside factors that Mother Nature and the calendar seem to...
Steve Flores

Posted on Oct 24, 2016

Land Boundary Lines

A Smarter Way to Hunt the Wind

Few things affect the way we plan a deer hunt like the wind. From which direction the wind is coming from to the speed of the wind, we are always concerned about the wind. When I was a kid, my dad hung a feather from a limb in our front ya...
Tracy Breen

Posted on Oct 24, 2016


Don't Hang Your Stands Where The Deer Are

It happens every year. Hunters get pumped up about deer season and begin running trail cameras in June through July, August, and September to monitor antler development. This is a great way to get an idea of what bucks are still around and ...
Jeff Courter

Posted on May 19, 2016

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Five tips that will help locate Spring Turkeys

Spring Turkey hunting isn’t easy. Their vision and overall wariness to predators makes harvesting one quite the challenge. Step one in killing a mature Tom is to ensure there are birds in the area. Outlined are five ways to locate birds. ...
Sam Hogan

Posted on Apr 13, 2016


Caring for your Footwear

Hunters spend a great deal of money on quality footwear to ensure they have both the protection and comfort needed to spend days in the field. Manufacturers know this and spend a great deal of time and money to convince you their product is...
Bill Bernhardt

Posted on Feb 25, 2016

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Build Your Own Duck Blind - A DIY Approach

I am not a professional duck blind builder.  I am not a "craftsman" although I am an ambitious DIY guy. I do not have endless money in the bank to build professional duck blinds and have them installed in my various waterfowl locations...
Jeff Courter

Posted on Jan 27, 2015

Duck Blind