One hunting trip that should be on the bucket list of every hunter is a black bear hunt.  Most deer hunters think about going on a whitetail hunt when they think about going on a hunting trip.  Most hardcore hunters love big antlers, therefore it makes sense that they would want to go on a guided whitetail hunt in Illinois, Kansas or Iowa.  The problem with out-of-state whitetail hunts is the success rate is very low.  In fact, most outfitters will tell you the success rate on a trophy whitetail is rarely above 20%. The success rate on a guided black bear hunt is well over 50%.  Black bear hunting can be just as exciting as whitetail hunting. In some cases, it is more exciting.






One of the main reasons everyone should go on a guided black bear hunt is because the odds of having fun are extremely high. I have been on many whitetail hunts that weren’t much fun. If you’re not seeing deer, you probably won’t have much fun. It is rare to go on a black bear hunt and not see bears. Most Canadian outfitters have nearly a 100% shot opportunity rate because there are so many bears on the woods. If you haven’t been on a guided hunt or a hunt that is truly an adventure, black bear hunting should be at the top of your list.  Black bear hunts often take place in the wilderness where lots of wildlife roam and few people hang out. A black bear hunt truly is a wilderness adventure.



Black Bears Don't Cost A Lot of Money



Another reason to go on a black bear hunt is the hunt is fairly inexpensive when compared to other guided hunts. The average guided whitetail hunt in America is $3,000 and up. My first black bear hunt set me back $900 and nearly everyone in camp went home with a bear. If you are on a budget but want to go on a guided hunt, black bear hunting is for you. There are many successful outfitters who charge less than $2,000 for a 5-8 day hunt.



Black Bears Are Perfect For Bowhunters



If you are a bowhunter, black bear hunting is for you. When most outfitters set up bait stations, they set them up so the bait is 20 yards or less from the treestand.  A 20-yard shot is one that is fairly easy for most bowhunters. Getting a broadside shot on a bear is very doable for most bowhunters. Getting a 20 yard shot on a rut-crazed whitetail is much more difficult. If bowhunting is your passion and you want to hunt a new species, go black bear hunting.



Hunting Black Bear Is Exciting



Hunting bears is an adrenalin rush because bears can eat you. The odds of a black bear attacking you or eating you are extremely small, but hunting a predator is much different from hunting a deer or a turkey. The first time a bear walks within bow range of your treestand, you will know what I mean. Some hunters who really want to raise the bar hunt black bears on the ground! 



If you long for a wilderness adventure, if you want to go on a hunt that offers a high success rate and you don’t want to spend a small fortune to do, black bear hunting is for you.

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