It's Time to Go Hog Hunting!

Lots of hunters in the Northern States wrap their tag around a turkey leg early season and are left with May through October to plan for deer season. After hinge cutting, food plot planting, practicing, and setting up trail cameras you start feeling a little anxious. Time to put deer season on the back burner (just for a week) and go kill some Hogs. 

Here are four reasons why I like to go on annual summer hog hunts:

1. Population Control

Feral Pigs are out of control in many southern states, causing massive amounts of destruction to both forests and farmland. The states that are hit the hardest have allowed an open season with no limit, meaning the more you can take out, the better!

2. Meat in the Freezer

It is rumored that the meat of a feral pig tastes best in the fall. There may be a sliver of truth to that but it very much depends on how quickly you recover, wash, and gut the hog. If hunting for meat and not population control it is critical to target 50lb -120lb pigs instead of the giant boars. Let me tell you, nothing feels (or tastes) better than freezing some feral pig and mixing it with your venison come October! A 100% Free Range burger! 

3. Ease of location

During the hot summer days, pigs are very water oriented. They don’t sweat, so they need to cool down and drink regularly. Find a lone watering hole surrounded by thick stuff and you are likely going to be in hog habitat. These hotspots will be a prime location to see pigs all day long. 

4. Road Trip!

A one-week getaway is always nice. Pack up the truck and head down south with some buddies! Hit some of the public land or knock on some doors. Hogs are the coyotes of the south, so most will have no problem with you taking some out! Plus, it’s one more excuse to break in that AR you haven’t yet put to work! 

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