According to users, one of the greatest features of our previous app was the prediction tool. So, in order to better serve the hunting community, we’ve expanded this feature in the newest version of HuntWise, to include new tools to ensure you get the most accurate prediction possible. 

Below we'll walk you through each component of this upgraded feature.



Choose Your Species







In the top left corner, under the predictions tab, you will see a whitetail deer icon. By clicking that icon, you will see a list of other species come up. You can choose between whitetail, waterfowl, turkey, upland game birds, wild boar, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, black bear, brown bear, blacktail deer, moose, mule deer and elk. 



HuntCast and Weather Variables



 Huntcast 1




Under the predictions tab, there are four toggles on the top of the screen: HuntCast, Temp, Wind, and Pressure. 

HuntCast is the most popular of the toggles. This shows the most optimal time to hunt your species of choice on a selected day.  Want to know why the HuntCast formula is more effective than solunar calendars?  Read about it here

The Temp, Wind and Pressure toggles give a 24-hour forecast. This will allow you to keep an eye on barometric pressure drops giving you time to prepare the right gear for the weather conditions. 



Choose Which Day to Hunt



 Optimal Hunting 1




Located on the top right of the prediction tab, you’ll find a calendar icon. Once clicked, a screen will appear with advanced predictions of a week from the current day.  The most important thing to pay attention to on this screen is the percentage of optimal hunting time each day. If you ever see a day that is above 50%, you have a good chance for your hunt. If the percentage is above 75% optimal conditions, it’s time to gear up and go out!



Here’s a little recap in case you need it:

Download HuntWise, get accurate predictions, go hunt. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions about the advanced features, please email us at

See you out there!

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