Treestand hunting is widely accepted as the method of choice among most hunters, unless you’re Whitetail Adrenaline, but if you’ve seen their stuff you know that they’re an obvious exception. 

In looking for a treestand a hunter must take into consideration a number of factors to find a stand that best fits their needs. 



The Cost Factor

Everyone likes inexpensive gear. Hunters on a budget can find climbers for around $100, Hang ons for $40, and ladder stands for around $60. The advantage of a low cost treestand is cost, obviously, but also disposability. If a $40 stand is stolen it is sure to frustrate you, but the pain won’t be quite as strong as if your $229.00 stand goes missing. Many of the cheap hang on options are also quite light, making them great “on the fly” options.  Be prepared to sacrifice comfort with any of these budget friendly options. Look for brands like Big DogSniper, and Big Game, and many private label brands.



The Weight Factor

For some hunters weight and packability are everything. These hunters generally utilize climbing treestands as their primary stand as it allows the hunter to climb a tree without setting up sticks every time. Another bonus? These stands are incredibly comfortable as well. Many companies have created incredibly lightweight stands to cater to these needs. Look into Summit Climbing Treestands or Lone Wolf Treestands. There are budget friendly climbers but those options are made of steel and are usually far heavier. 



The Comfort Factor

Having a comfortable stand can really make or break an all day sit, and standing up to readjust or get comfortable can potentially give away your position. Comfortable stands are generally hang ons and ladder stands with a quality (thick) seat and a large platform to stand on. This usually comes at the expense of weight and cost- though this is not always the case. Comfortable stands will cost upwards of $150 and are best used in a semi-permanent location. MillenniumSummit, and X- Stand all make comfortable options. 



The Safety Factor

All stands on the market undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety, but large platforms, a shooting rest, and extremely sturdy construction will aid in putting your mind at ease. Ladder Stands are typically the most secure but many large hang ons offer great stability as well. Again, these will often be heavier options that are best used in semi- permanent locations. As always, be sure to utilize a safety harness when hunting from any stand! 

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