1. Water, Water, Water!!!

On many of the ranches in West Texas, there can be found water tanks.  In these areas I have seen a lot of activity and sign.



2. Food source is vital.

It is important to use corn with a good mineral mix.  We have found that Primo's Swamp Donkey is great out here.  Also, we have used sweet feed from our local feed store.  We usually put this out way before season, with trail cams, to see what is coming and the times the deer are showing up.



3. Time of Day

It gets hot out here in West Texas. It is not unusual in late September or early October to still see 90-100 degree days. Early mornings are good at times, but the best is late evenings. We have killed the majority of our deer right before the sun goes down and it is cool.



4.  Scent Control is a must

The wind in West Texas can be vicious and a deer can smell you a mile away. You have to know the wind direction!!! With the proper scent control you can fool the old nose of a deer. I have stood 15 yards from a Mule Deer with the wind blowing at me, and the deer never flinched.



5.  Be careful how you move

The one thing that I have learned is the deer in West Texas can see you before you see them. It is so flat and open. You have to be aware of how you move. Keeping yourself concealed behind Mesquite bushes is a must.



6.  Make sure you understand the deer seasons and dates

We have both Whitetails and Mule Deer in our area. During Whitetail season it is not uncommon to spot a huge mature Mule buck. Just because it is a deer does not mean it is open season. If you cannot distinguish between the two, then it would be best not to pull the trigger or release the arrow. I have, many times, mistaken a mule deer for a white tail. After closer observation found out it was the wrong species for the season. And NO, I did not kill it



7.  Know the property

We do not have public land out here. If you are one of the privileged few that get to hunt on a ranch, you better know the property.



8.  Be respectful as a guest. 

Too often, we get Deer Fever and all we think about is killing a deer. We forget that we are a guest. Be respectful to the rancher. Pick up after yourself, leave things the way you found it, close gates behind you. It might be you get an invitation to come back. And by all means hunt what you are told to hunt!



9.  Archery is tough in West Texas, but it can be done. 

Practice, Practice, Practice. It is important that you are comfortable making LONG shots. 40-70 yard shots will not be out of the question. Usually when I set up a new bow, I never sight in a 20 or 30 yard pin. That's why I love the Trophy Ridge React sight. It allows me to set my pins at whatever yardage I need and the others fall right into place.



10.  I cannot stress enough to make sure you have first aid kit, water, and something to snack on. 

There are dangers in West Texas. Also, it is not uncommon to walk hundreds of yards from your truck. Be sure you are mindful of your safety. You sure do not want your hunt to go south in a hurry.

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