Many hardcore bowhunters, especially in states with high-pressure areas, are constantly looking for the most efficient and lightweight climbing option. Long walks carrying a backpack, bow, a stand, and sticks can make for a sweaty and uncomfortable sit. Fortunately, many companies have stepped to the plate and introduced a lightweight option for these on the fly hunters.

There are really only two options for on the fly climbing systems: Climbing Treestands or a Hang on and Sticks



Climbing Sticks and Hang on Stands

When it comes down to it, this decision is all preference. Pick a lightweight stand and a lightweight set of sticks that pack together easily and hit the woods. Here are some of the most popular and lightweight climbing sticks available. Be sure to test each stand and climbing system before purchase to ensure comfort and safety! 



Climbing Systems

Lone Wolf / XOP: 7.5 lbs for 3 sticks

Hawk Helium Sticks: 8.5 lbs for 3 sticks

Leverage Climbing Sticks: 7.5 lbs for 3 sticks

Summit Bucksteps: 10 lbs for 4 sticks

Muddy Aerolite: 9 lbs for 3



Hang-On Stands

X Stand X-Pedition: 10lbs 

Chippewa  Super-Ghost:  10lb 

Lone Wolf Assault: 11lbs 

Millenium M7 Microlite: 8.5 lbs 

Hawk Helium: 10lbs 



Whether you opt for the hang on and sticks or a climbing treestand, always be safety conscious and wear a harness at all times. Saving one pound of weight is not worth jeopardizing your safety.

Shoot Straight and Hunt Safe! 

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