As many of you may have already heard, we’re switching things up a bit.

  At Sportsman Tracker, our biggest concern is making sure that we are meeting the needs of the over 700,000+ dedicated hunters and anglers, like you, who trust us to provide the most accurate data and analytics available to optimize your hunting and fishing experience.   We take your feedback seriously, which is why, starting November 14th, the Sportsman Tracker, Hunt Predictor, and Fish Predictor apps will transition into two separate apps that will better serve the hunting and fishing communities by focusing on each as the individual outdoor recreations that they are.



 Smt Hunt Wise Fish Wise





HuntWise and FishWise: Two apps with one purpose, to be the ultimate smart tool to optimize your hunting/fishing experience. 
By dividing these digital tracking tools into two separate communities, we believe we can better serve hunters and anglers nation-wide by providing detailed information specific to your sport.
So here’s how this is going to work, as of November 14th:
The Sportsman Tracker and Fish Predictor apps will crossover to FishWise.  If your mobile device is not setup to automatically update apps, you will need to visit the app store and manually update to FishWise.  

The Hunt Predictor App will update to HuntWise. (If you are a hunter who is currently using Sportsman Tracker, you will need to manually download HuntWise from the App Store. Click Here to Download HuntWise.)

Note:  Whether you are a Hunt Predictor, Fish Predictor, or Sportsman Tracker user, you will be able to use the same account login and password information to access the new apps.

We’re also excited to announce that with a HuntWise Pro subscription, Hunters will gain access to our brand new Public/Private Land Boundaries feature: Scouting new hunting properties and identifying private property boundaries. For more information on the Private Land Boundaries Feature, click here.
As your go-to source for accurate hunting and fishing data as well as active community engagement, we look forward to providing each of you with a customized experience that will better help you plan, predict and prepare for your next outdoor adventure. 

Your friends,

The Sportsman Tracker Team

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